Monday, 1 October 2012

Preston is not accredited

Any person or institution should be given their due accreditation and recognition and deserve appreciation for their phenomenal services. This goes true for the fact that Preston is not accredited by many educationist and critics of educational sector, rather there is a negative campaign going on in virtual world to defame the institution.
I have had personal experience to learn and gain phenomenal knowledge and a successful career at Preston University and I even today I cherish the moments and experiences that we shared during the course of studies in Preston University. Recently I view some of the posts on virtual world of cyber space, that there is a negative publicity going on against my educational institute which compels me to write against the injustice. This is a fact that Preston is not accredited with its due share and worth in the educational market which really is something to be ashamed of. As one of the best institutions, the Preston needs to be accredited and should be recognized fully by all educationists. 
There are many posts regarding Preston is not accredited over the cyber space, which is spreading negative publicity and hatred content. I would like all of current Preston students and potential future students that be sure to choose Preston as your professional studies institute as you will see the world of difference while studying in Preston University.